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Solar installers serving Albany, NY

Below you'll find a complete listing of solar energy installation professional in the Albany area. Whether you're looking for a home energy consultant or an experience crew to install a 25-kW commercial PV system, you're sure to find a knowledgeable professional listed here. Also, keep reading for an overview of the types of state-sponsored incentives available when you purchase a solar energy system. And, don't forget that the federal government will let you (or your business) take a tax credit worth up to 30-percent of your system's final installed costs. 

When you're ready, fill out our Getsolar Information Form. We'll assess your project and help you find a qualified professional that's best suited to meet your needs.

When it comes to promoting the adoption of alternative forms of power, New York is among the country's leading states. As the state capital, Albany may be viewed an important center for pro-renewable energy legislation. In recent years, New York lawmakers have established a number of programs aimed at encouraging individuals and businesses to install solar energy systems. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides a helpful rebate of about $4.00 per watt to residents and businesses who purchase solar PV systems. NYSERDA also sponsors low-interest loans, while the State of New York provides a 25-percent personal income tax credit.

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