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Residential Solar

With a trusted network of experienced residential solar installation partners, GetSolar aims to help you get the best value for your solar home energy project. It's all about getting competitive solar home energy quotes from the trusted installers that are right for your project. Find out what solar power can do for you today!

How Solar Home Energy Works
How Solar Home Energy Works
A brief explanation of how solar home energy systems work. (Yes, you can run your electric meter backwards.)
5 Things to Do Before You Get Solar
Five Things to Do Before Getting Solar
Solar installations can reduce your monthly electric bill, provide you with clean power and add real value to your home.
Understanding Your Electric Bill

When you’re looking into a solar energy system for your home, you suddenly have to take a much deeper look at your overall energy usage. 

Is Solar Power Right for You?
Thinking about installing solar panels on your home or bussiness? Read here to learn more.
What is an Energy Audit?

An overview of why energy audits and HERS ratings are important.

Solar & Home Value

By reducing monthly costs of owning a home, solar panels add real value to the underlying property.

Simple Tips for Saving Energy

Simple Tips for Saving EnergyConserve power and boost energy efficiency -- you'll get a much better return on your solar panels. 

Prefab: Greenbuild's New Cool
Prefab: Greenbuild's New Cool
Prefabricated solutions are not only cool, but green. Find out why.

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How GetSolar Works

Do I Really Need a Solar Installer?
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