Why are so many people excited about installing solar panels on their home? What's the big deal? Some food for thought:

Bye-bye electric bill. A well designed solar energy system can reduce your electric bill by 50% or more. In some months, you may even see your bill hit $0 -- or lower! (No, we re not kidding.)

Solar power costs less than ever.
The cost of installing a solar energy system has come down considerably. As a result, it makes good financial sense for more people than ever before.

Solar panels are better than ever.
At the same time that solar costs have come down, solar panels have become more efficient. This means you can get more power from each solar panel.

Sell power back to the utility. If your new solar panels produce more electricity than you use in a given month, your utility will issue credit for this power on your next bill.

Solar panels are warrantied for 25 years.
Homeowners rest easy knowing that their new solar panels will deliver reliable, long-term savings.

Solar panels add value to your home. A solar home sells at a premium compared to a non-solar home.

Top Reasons To Get Solar

Solar energy systems are clean, long-lasting and increasingly affordable.

Types of Solar Power

Photovoltaic, solar thermal and concentrated solar: learn about all three, right here.

PV System Performance

A brief overview of the real-world variables that affect your system's performance. 

What is Net Metering?

Ever wish you could run your electric meter backwards? With a net-metering agreement, you can!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Hint: it has to do with the photoelectric effect and ejected electrons. An explanation on how sunlight is converted into electricity.