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Electric Car sales in China set to Double in 2016

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, March 15 2016 under: Energy Storage, Electric Cars, china

BYD_Electric_Car.jpgMore than 300,000 electric cars were apparently sold in the Chinese market in 2015 as reported by Reuters on a press conference on Sunday. The Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei told the reporters that 2016 electric sales should double in China in 2016, which would bring the number up to 600,000 vehicles.



According to Miao Wei areas of focus for the industry include improvement to the battery technology, including lifespan, capacity to enhance mileage and reliability. Battery charging station proliferation is important for the industry to grow as well. According to Green Car Reports the Chinese government is looking at phasing out electric cars subsidies in favor of other incentives and goals encouraging technology innovation to formulate a more market based approach to driving consumer demand in the EV market.


Electric vehicles are a good way to store electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar power during the day, or when utility power is typically cheaper at night, and then use the power at a later time, acting as an energy storage unit.

The BYD E6 electric vehicle has a 90 KW electric motor, a top speed of 140 km/h and a max urban range of 300 km. Curb weight is 2380 kilos. (Photos and Data Source E6 BYD website).

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