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Home Solar Power: Americans Still Overwhelmingly Support Solar.

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, December 8 2016 under: solar power, Energy Policy, US solar

A new post-election poll shows Americans (still) overwhelmingly support solar, wind, and other clean energies, crossing red-blue political lines. It is obvious from the poll that Americans understand the importance to both the economy and to job creation of leading the world in the clean, renewable energy sector. 75 percent of Trump voters and 86 percent of all US voters "support taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy", with almost 60 percent "strongly supporting" the action. 

Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm conducted a post-election poll of 1,000 US voters on issues of clean energy in the United States. The stated margin of error of the report is +/-3.1%. Perhaps one of the most meaningful findings from the poll is: "Fully 75% of Trump voters support taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy in the United States". This figure may be counter intuitive to much of the campaign platform on energy, and to recent cabinet appointments by the incoming administration.  Time will tell how US energy policy development and voter preferences reconcile. (see below chart).

Trump Voter Clean Energy

Possibly less surprising is the result that 86 percent of All US voters "support taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy", with almost 60 percent of the electorate "strongly supporting" the action. This finding is fairly close to a pre-election Pew Research Poll indicating very strong (89%) support of solar power by Americans. When the new poll asked respondents about word associations for "clean energy" Solar Power was at the top of the heap for GOP's, Independents and Democrats alike. Home solar power is a core element of the US clean energy industry, with highly innovative US companies providing strong American job growth since the recession.  The US solar industry employs over 200,000 US workers, more than the oil and gas extraction industries combined. 

All Voters Clean Energy

Job creation, American competitiveness, economic growth, and reducing pollution all play prominently in the Clean Energy narrative in the poll. These are themes that reflect not only the perception, but also the reality of what has been going on in the US clean and renewable energy industry. The United States invented the solar photovoltaic cell technology back in 1954 at Bell Laboratories, and it was used in the US space program. In recent years, the cost of solar technology has fallen rapidly due to improvements in manufacturing techniques and global economies of scale. Furthermore, innovative financing models from forward thinking US companies such as Sunrun, Solarcity, Sungevity, Sunpower, Mosaic, Spruce (and the original granddaddy Sun Edison) et al have lowered the financial barrier to self-generating clean electricity for residential home solar, commercial solar and utility solar customers alike.

Value of Clean Energy Messages.jpg

The poll highlights some interesting and what would appear at times contradicting themes among the US electorate towards the clean energy industry. Respondents answered that they are less likely to support candidates that do not align with their attitudes towards clean energy, however as the poll indicates a majority of Americans support clean energy. In several US state markets, and global markets, solar power is proving to be highly cost competitive with conventional fossil fuel generated electricity. The forecast is for this trend to continue as solar prices continue to decline, quite possibly becoming the absolute lowest cost form of electricity. To see if solar is right for your home or business and can beat your local utility rates, check out this. Solar Calculator

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