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Solar Power Rundown for Friday, July 2

Posted by Adam Sewall In Friday, July 2 2010 under: Solar Power Info, Solar Power Rundown

Charcoal? Check. Hot dog buns? Check. Sparklers? Check. Freakishly large, solar-powered cooler on wheels? Check. Welcome to Friday, everyone -- hope you're all gearing up for the holiday weekend. Here it is: your moment of solar power.

Yesterday saw the official launch of Oregon's pilot feed-in tariff program. PGE's and Pacific Power's slots filled up in 15 minutes, according to Oregon Live, leaving "some customers excited and others frustrated."

"People compare it [applying to the feed-in tariff program] to getting tickets to a big rock show," said Tom Gauntt, a Pacific Power spokesman. "We believe we have 75 good applicants."

Some folks down in Texas are thinking about installing a 60-megawatt solar farm on the outskirts of Pflugerville, according to Austin News KXAN. This is good news. Texas has an enormous amount of untapped solar potential -- if only the state's lawmakers could get a statewide solar incentive program in place, there'd be panels going up from Amarillo to Corpus Christi.

Kyocera and Toyota are working to beef up solar photovoltaic (PV) applications for marine use, via MarketWatch. Solar panels have long been used to keep boat batteries from losing their charge.

In Pennsylvania solar news, thanks to the states Sunshine Solar Rebate program Bucks County is now home to a 122-kilowatt solar installation. Booyah.

Morocco inaugurates 'Africa's largest wind farm.' The 140-megawatt installation is part of the country's $3 billion push to generate more renewable energy.

In solar industry news, Sharp may by March 2013 "more than double" its production of solar cells, via BusinessWeek.

What do you get when you lock a bunch of solar energy wonks into a conference room and have them discuss concentrating solar power (CSP)? The CSP Summit 2010, which was held this week in San Francisco. Greentech Media provides a peek.

Finally today, if you were to say that solar power and coal make odd bedfellows, I'd probably agree with you. Xcel Energy, on the other hand, wouldn't. Check out this solar thermal-coal mashup, which started cranking out kWhs this week in Grand Junction, Colorado.

That's all for this week -- have a great Fourth of July weekend! We'll see you back here next week.

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