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Arizona Solar Rebates Going Fast in 2011, APS Customers Should Act Now

Toward the end of 2010, Arizona Public Service (APS) ran out of funds for its residential solar rebate program. In what's become a common problem for state- and utility-sponsored solar incentive programs across the country, there were simply too many homeowners interested in solar power and too few rebate dollars to go around.

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APS Testing 'Self-Healing' Grid in Flagstaff, Arizona

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Friday, September 10 2010 under: utility, Arizona Solar, APS, smart grid, Solar Technology, Utility Solar

The Arizona Public Service (APS), the largest utility company in Arizona, is testing a new piece of smart-grid technology that could slash the time it takes to recognize and repair power outages.

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New Arizona Solar Info Website Goes Live Tomorrow

Posted by Adam Sewall In Tuesday, August 31 2010 under: Solar Power Info, Arizona Solar, APS, SRP, Arizona Goes Solar

Good news for Arizona homeowners: you will soon have (yet another) online source for solar-related information.

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Strong Arizona Solar Rebate for APS Customers

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, March 23 2010 under: Solar Energy Rebates, Solar Energy Incentives, Arizona Solar, APS

The Grand Canyon State is on the ever-growing list of states offering rebates to businesses and homeowners who invest in renewable energy systems. A state tax credit ($1,000 max) is available to all residents, and utilities within the state offer solar energy rebates to their customers. Phoenix-area residents served by SRP should check out our recent update on that incentive, but APS customers, read on below.

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Phoenix Solar Leasing Available

Posted by Margaret Collins In Thursday, November 12 2009 under: Arizona Solar, APS, Solar Homes, SolarCity, Cost and Financing, solar lease

Residents of Phoenix, Arizona can now take advantage of a city-sponsored program to finance solar panel installations. By working with APS, SolarCity, and the National Bank of Arizona, the city is able to offer leasing for up to about $25,000 worth of solar installations--Mayor Phil Gordon hopes to see as many as 1,000 new solar homes in his city by the end of 2010.

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APS Seeks More Solar Rebate Funds

One of the problems of a too-popular solar incentive program is that demand can outstrip supply. That is, it can run out of money. (Yeah, New Jersey, this means you.) The Arizona Public Service Co. (APS), which runs one of the state's very popular solar rebate programs, has announced it needs more funds for commercial solar rebates. The state requires its utilities to offer evenly distributed funding for commercial and residential solar projects, and while the residential funding for 2009 is far from exhausted, more expensive commercial projects have eaten up that portion of the utility's budget. APS is seeking an additional $143 million for the program. Under it, commercial projects can receive $2.50/watt DC or choose a production-based incentive.

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APS pilot program may offer free solar panels

We all know there's no such thing as a free lunch. But if Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) gets its way, there may be such a thing as free solar panels. Arizona's largest electricity utility is working on plans to offer 200 Flagstaff customers a discounted electric rate, over time, in exchange for installing free photovoltaic (PV) panels on their roofs.

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AZ may strengthen incentives for solar producers

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, March 9 2009 under: incentives, Solar Energy Incentives, Arizona Solar, APS, SRP, investment, solar

With tons of sunshine and some pretty solid incentives (notably those available from APS, RPS and UES), Arizona is a great place to install a solar energy system for a home or business. By the looks of it, AZ lawmakers are aiming to make the state a great place for solar energy companies to locate their operations, too. As reported by the Yuma Sun,

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