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San Diego, Los Angeles Counties Lead in Residential Solar Energy Numbers

One of the nice things about solar rebate programs -- beyond the fact that they help reduce the cost of solar installation -- is that they can provide a trove of interesting solar-related data.

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Loans Extended to Four California Solar Panel Manufacturers

In an effort to stimulate manufacturing activity and job creation in California, the California Energy Commission (CEC) is using $13.4 million in federal funds to provide low-interest loans to four manufacturers within the state: Morgan Solar, Inc., Solar Power, Inc., Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., and Solaria Corporation.

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After Panel Approval, Ivanpah Solar Project Open to Public Comment

One of the main arguments put forth by those opposed to the Ivanpah solar thermal project in California's Mojave Desert is that the negative environmental impact of the plant would be too great. On August 3, a panel of the California Energy Commission (CEC) weighed in.

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