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Chico, CA: hotbed of solar crime

Posted by Margaret Collins In Tuesday, March 31 2009 under: Solar Power Info, crime, theft, Chico, California Solar

The educational observatory in Chico, California was the city's first all-solar building. And now, hardly more than a week after the police arrested a suspect in the case of the theft of solar panels off a Chico elementary school, the observatory might have to shut down its solar operations due to the theft of three of its roof-mounted panels. The director of the Chico Community Observatory said the facility will stay open to host a couple of field trips this week, but after that, it will have to close until the solar panels have been replaced. He noted that

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Solar Panels Finally Popular Enough to Steal

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, March 18 2009 under: Solar Power Info, stolen, Chico, California Solar

Last month, over 40 solar panels that had been installed on the roof of a California school went missing. Proving once and for all that they hadn't just blown off in a freak mini-tornado or something, the panels were discovered this week in a storage locker, home to a variety of stolen goods. Only 17 of the 46 panels were recovered, unfortunately; so it seems likely that some roof, somewhere, is producing black-market clean energy.

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