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How to Get Your Neighbors to Install Solar Panels

There are plenty of ways to be a good neighbor: pick up the mail when they're out of town, don't make too much noise at night, return a lost pet. But we think there's one tactic that stands above the fray: convince your neighbor, or several neighbors, to install a solar home energy system. Here are few ways to turn your neighborhood into a solar generation hot spot, starting with the most obvious.

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IREC Releases Community Solar Guidelines

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, March 24 2010 under: IREC, community solar, Energy Policy

Recognizing the growing demand for community solar solutions, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) has produced a Community Renewable Power Proposal (PDF). The proposal lays out best practices and rules for what could be a policy guide to "co-investment in local renewable power facilities".

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Sacramento Offers Solar Shares for Renters

Regardless of its many advantages, we’ll be among the first to admit that solar power isn’t exactly a renter-friendly technology. Whether you live in an apartment, condo or multi-family home, the prospect of installing a solar panel array, however attractive, is for the most part dimmed by the temporality of your residence. However, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District has a program on offer for renters and others who do not currently reside in a single-family home, with an interest in going solar.

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Sin City Goes Solar

Posted by Margaret Collins In Friday, July 10 2009 under: Solar News, Nevada Solar, Solar PV Panels, community solar, government

Las Vegas city officials just announced a new plan to install solar panels on dozens of carports throughout the city as part of a solar initiative funded by stimulus money. Of the $11 million in question, a little over $1 million is from the Community Development Block Grant, a HUD program intended to create economic opportunity ("jobs", in English) and improve living conditions for moderate or low-income populations. The first 34 carports will be installed at a Vegas community center next year.

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