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Air Force to Try Out Concentrating Solar in Hawaii

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Saturday, May 29 2010 under: Hawaii Solar, CSP, Concentrating Solar Power, Air Force, Solar Technology

The United States Air Force has signed a contract with the Schafer Corporation of Massachusetts to allow a test of concentrating solar power (CSP) at a Maui, Hawaii military site in an attempt to offset a military computer system's power demand.

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Mojave Solar Power Project Scaled Back

Posted by Margaret Collins In Tuesday, February 16 2010 under: Solar Thermal, Commercial Solar, CSP, desert, California Solar, BrightSource

Last week, San Bernardino county officials sought to stop progress on BrightSource Energy's giant concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in the Mojave Desert. Land mitigation was the main complaint this time around, but BrightSource has been drawing flak for habitat destruction (desert tortoise) and water use (despite using a "dry loop" cooling technology, the solar thermally-generated power will of course still use a lot of the desert's most precious resource). In order to address these concerns, the solar energy company has released a new plan for the Ivanpah, California facility. The new design reduces the total solar capacity of the project from 440 MW to 392 MW (a loss of 48 MW). According to Renewable Energy World, the new plan will:

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Ausra Solar For Sale

Posted by Margaret Collins In Thursday, November 19 2009 under: solar plant, Solar Industry News, Solar Thermal, CSP, Ausra

Perhaps because the news first came late last Friday night (via Reuters), there hasn't been much buzz about the fact that solar thermal start-up Ausra Inc. has put itself up for sale. Ausra has had a bit of a roller-coaster ride as a business, starting in Australia but relocating to California to produce its solar thermal electric-generation technology, and going from darling of the solar power plant industry to...well, this.

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Concentrated Solar Power: Coming to a Rooftop Near You?

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, November 2 2009 under: Solar Thermal, concentrated solar, CSP, Solar PV Panels, Solar Technology

Typically, we associate concentrated solar power (CSP) with utility-scale power generation. The people behind Chromasun, however, have a different application for CSP technology: commercial and industrial rooftops. Yes, that’s right folks! It looks like solar panel manufacturers might have a new competitor for retail rooftop real estate: mini-CSP units.

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