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Green Cows are Happy Cows: California Dairy Installs Big Solar Energy System

Lakeside Dairy in California's central valley has installed a big solar power system that will cut its use of conventional electricity by 75 percent.

Developed, designed and installed by SPG Solar -- one of the biggest commercial solar installers in California -- the 891-kilowatt (kW) solar array comprises 3,240 Suntech solar panels and two big Solaron inverters.

According to GetSolar's online solar power calculator, an 890-kW DC solar power system in the dairy's region should produce around 1.2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity in its first year of operation. That's enough juice to power about 100 typical U.S. homes annually.

Like many businesses, Lakeside Dairy installed the system in part to help smooth operating costs.

"The recent volatility of milk prices

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Delaware Dairy Farm Goes Solar

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, November 4 2009 under: agriculture, Dairy Farm, Solar PV Panels, Solar Farming

At the University of Delaware, an on-site dairy farm is not only an educational resource for agricultural students, but a shining example of the value solar electric systems can bring to small farmers. 44 solar panels are part of a 9.2-kw system. Tom Sims, an environmental science professor and deputy dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, told the UD Daily that the goal of the system "is to develop a sustainable dairy that not only uses solar energy to help operate its equipment but to demonstrate it is doable and practical". While the farm has made forays into sustainability in the past, this is its first venture into renewable energy.

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