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Can Big Solar and Wildlife Co-Exist? Maybe, Says Arizona Conservation Group

Generally speaking, solar energy installations come in two flavors: small- and medium-scale systems that are installed atop roofs and in empty lots (broadly referred to a "distributed generation"); and large, utility-scale solar power plants that sit on acres and acres of land.

A common critique of distributed generation is that, thanks to trees and other obstructions, not every roof is good for solar panels; a common critique of utility solar is that the plants take up lots of land and can disrupt surrounding habitats.

Case in point vis-à-vis the latter: a new assessment released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management

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Duke Energy Adds Distributed Solar Capacity in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina has set a renewable energy standard that requires all of the state's utilities to meet a minimum percentage customers' electricity needs with clean, renewable energy by 2021. Duke Energy, one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, is taking the first steps toward meeting this goal, which for investor-owned utilities is 12.5 percent.

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Solar Summer in the City

If when you think of solar panels, you envision stretches of the desert filled with the deep-blue glint of enormous solar arrays, you're not wrong. That's the environment in which solar power is both most efficient and most cost effective. But did you realize that solar panels on your townhouse or high-rise in an urban environment can also be incredibly useful?

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