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Solar jobs in unlikely places

A recent report from a California consulting group indicates that better than 85,000 jobs would be generated if Florida passes a RPS of 20% by 2020, meaning the state would need to garner 20% of its energy (instead of its current 2%) from renewable energy sources by the time 2020 rolls around. The numbers come from an assessment of the number of jobs that would be generated by each megawatt of added solar capacity, times the number of megawatts the RPS would likely add to the state (15-30, and 3,800 respectively). One does wonder if the numbers are a bit inflated--are those 15-30 permanent jobs, or installation-only jobs, and thus 15-30 people could theoretically manage the whole kit-n-kaboodle? (Clearly, you'd need slightly more than a score of folks to install and maintain that many MWs...but 85,000?) Though to be fair, the language does say "jobs" instead of "career opportunities".

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