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US Grid Energy Storage: Tesla Builds Largest Plant

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, January 31 2017 under: Energy Storage, solar

Tesla has built the worlds largets grid storage facility in Los Angeles, California. The system is built using the Tesla Powerpack commercial energy storage units, comprising 396 packs using 16,000 individual cells each.  The facitlity was built for Southern California Edison utility and purportedly is 20 MW 80 MW-hours in size.


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Home Solar Power: Tesla's New Solar Roof (Video)

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, November 15 2016 under: Energy Storage, solar roofs, Tesla, Residential Solar, Home Solar Power

Tesla's new home solar power roof tile product is an interesting twist on an existing technology. The tiles are certainly attractive, and come in a variety of styles designed to fit different architectural themes. The company's roll-out and press event was light on economic and cost specifics, but heavy on aesthetics and presenting a holistic "systems" approach to home solar power self-generation, storage, and consumption. See if solar makes sense for you:  Quote Generator

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Home Solar Energy Storage Qualifies for Fed Tax Break

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, May 23 2016 under: Energy Storage, Solar Energy Tax Credits, home solar

A big question surrounding home solar energy storage systems has been whether or not the battery storage components qualify for the Federal 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). According to the IRS, solar storage systems do qualify for the ITC, with several caveats surrounding how the system is charged. The extension of the 30% solar ITC should provide a boost to the emerging US energy storage market, and unlock additional growth.

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Residential Solar plus Energy Storage Forecast to Grow

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, March 17 2016 under: Energy Storage, Solar Homes, utilities, Residential Solar

Residential Solar Power plus Energy Storage looks poised to grow over the coming years as the technology improves, prices come down, and more financing models become available. With new advanced battery storage products coming from companies such as Tesla and SolarCity, Enphase, Sunrun and others, home energy storage will be a hot space and allow homeowners the opportunity to generate, store, and use their own power. Utility executives are keeping a close eye on both the risks and the potential opportunities. 

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Electric Car sales in China set to Double in 2016

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, March 15 2016 under: Energy Storage, Electric Cars, china

More than 300,000 electric cars were apparently sold in the Chinese market in 2015 as reported by Reuters on a press conference on Sunday. The Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei told the reporters that 2016 electric sales should double in China in 2016, which would bring the number up to 600,000 vehicles.


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Residential Solar Power: Sunrun uses Tesla Powerwall

Sunrun has decided to use the Tesla Powerwall for their new "Brightbox" residential solar energy storage product. Combining Sunrun installed solar panels with smart inverter technology and smart battery storage unit, the product will initially be rolled out in the Hawaii market, with additional US markets coming later in the year.
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Residential Solar Energy Storage Forecast: Big Growth

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, March 7 2016 under: Energy Storage, Battery, Tesla, Residential Solar, Powerwall


The US Energy Storage Market for Residential Solar and Commercial Solar is poised to grow significantly over the next five years according to a recently published research report by GTM Research/ESA U.S. Energy Storage Monitor. Total US energy storage deployments grew 243% between 2014 to 2015; from 65 MW to 221 MW, and represents just the beginning of what is forecast to be a strong period of growth. Behind the meter storage (i.e. not a utility company) grew almost five times in the last four years (see chart).


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SunPower to Use $1.8 Million Grant for Energy Storage Research

The state of California and SunPower are teaming up to research large-scale energy storage technology -- a key in enabling solar technologies to meet electricity demand when the sun is not shining.

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In Wisconsin, Obama Talks Jobs, Manufacturing, Renewables

President Obama made a trip today to ZBB Energy, a manufacturer of advanced batteries for energy storage. Such batteries promise to play a key role in the clean energy economy, enabling intermittent renewable energy sources like solar and wind to provide more consistent sources of power.

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Scottsdale Company Wins Grant for Battery Research

Fluidic Energy, an Arizona-based based company, is in the process of developing a storage battery capable of holding enough energy to be used for industrial projects. Now, it appears, the U.S. Department of Energy is going to chip in to help them bring this battery to the industry sooner rather than later.

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