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New York SEIA pushes for feed-in tariffs

I've you've spent any appreciable amount time on our website, you likely know that many state governments sponsor incentive programs to help offset the high costs associated with installing a solar PV system. There are cash rebates. There are renewable energy credits (RECs). There are exemptions for property tax, and sales and use tax. There is net metering and time of use (TOU) pricing schedules. Depending on the options available in your state (and city), it can be a little difficult determining how the programs work and how each one will affect the cost of your system. This is why having a solar whiz by your side is indispensable: an installer from your area will know local and state programs like the back of his or her hand, and can tell you exactly what to expect in terms of final costs. Come to think of it, this is part of what we do here at Getsolar: we help customers find competent, accredited solar installers. Anyway, I digress...

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