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New Feed in Tariff Report From NREL

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, February 3 2010 under: FIT, Feed In Tariff, NREL

In the interests of information-sharing, we just wanted to alert you to the National Renewable Energy Lab's (NREL) newly released report on feed in tariffs. It will make your knees weak if you're a policy wonk or an energy lawyer--I mean heck, it's entitled "Renewable Energy Prices in State-Level Feed-in Tariffs: Federal Law Constraints and Possible Solutions"--but it includes an overview for the FiT neophyte, as well. Don't read the whole thing, unless you're really, really having trouble sleeping, but do check out some basic definitions and context for the FiT programs developing across the country.

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British FiT Waxes as Germany's Wanes

Posted by Margaret Collins In Monday, February 1 2010 under: international solar, UK, FIT, Feed In Tariff, Germany

Unless some massive prank is being played on the solar industry, April 1st will kick off enormous changes in Europe (though solar stocks have already begun to react): Germany's feed in tariff will scale back by 16-17 percent, while the United Kingdom will enact a FiT for the first time.

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Michigan Feed-in Tariff is Live

Posted by Margaret Collins In Friday, September 18 2009 under: Solar Energy Incentives, feed-in tariff, Michigan Solar, FIT, Feed In Tariff

As Adam called our attention to last month, Michigan has put into place an experimental feed-in tariff for solar. It's not large: out of a program cap of 2,000 kw, Consumers Energy has set aside 500 kw for residential solar. Still, that's enough for 100 moderately-sized 5kw solar panel installations in a state that has previously been hanging around the edges of the solar movement without quite getting its feet wet. (A few state utilies do offer solar rebates; check out the full list of MI incentives here.)

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