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Florida Power & Light Solar Rebates to Go Fast, Starting June 21

Posted by Adam Sewall In Thursday, June 2 2011 under: Solar Energy Rebates, Solar Energy Incentives, FPL, Florida Solar

Hold on to your hats... Florida Power & Light (FPL) is gearing up to launch a $15.5 million solar rebate pilot program. The funds are expected to go fast.

"We expect the available funding to be claimed very quickly so we encourage interested customers to start researching projects and meeting with contractors as soon as possible. I believe similar programs from TECO and Progress were fully claimed in less than two days," said FPL spokeswoman Jackie Anderson, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Starting June 21, FPL customers looking to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system or a solar water heating system can apply to receive rebates according to the following schedule:

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Florida Solar Rebates Available to Some Starting March 15

Good news for Florida customers of Progress Energy: they'll soon be eligible to receive up to $20,000 for installing solar panels.

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New UCF Center to Test Energy Improvements

Happy Monday everyone. The beginning of the final week of the month brings us great solar energy news from the south, as the University of Central Florida (UCF) has announced the completion of a new energy research facility. UCF has added an energy efficiency testing lab to its Florida Solar Energy Center -- a 20-acre complex that already holds a solar research library, a photovoltaic (PV) materials lab and a solar thermal testing lab.

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How Much Would You Pay for Solar Energy?

"How much are you willing to pay for solar energy?" It's a question that's sure to pit two important priorities against once another: environmental stewardship versus our checkbooks. Let the battle begin.

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Stimulus Funds to Cover Portion of Florida Solar Rebate Backlog

Many Florida homeowners who applied for rebates when installing energy-efficient air conditioning and solar energy systems as part of the Florida Solar Rebate Program have waited quite a while for that check in the mail. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the program expired at the end of June, its funds having run out months before. Over 10,000 applications were received since the cash dried up, leaving thousands of Florida residents without their solar rebate or energy-efficiency rebate money.

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Sunshine State Solar Power Developer Aims for California

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, September 28 2010 under: solar development, Solar PV Panels, solar park, Florida Solar, California Solar

A Florida-based solar power project developer aims to build a 20-megawatt (MW) solar installation in California, according to a recent press release.

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Dept of Energy to Fund Four Grid Projects

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced it will contribute $8.5 million to the completion of four utility grid infrastructure projects in three different states. The funding is coming specifically from the DOE's Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) program. Combined with private funds, the total $20 million in funding will aid utility companies incorporating solar energy into utility grids.

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Florida Looking for Ways to Boost State Solar Industry

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, August 9 2010 under: Politics, Solar Energy Incentives, Energy Policy, Florida Solar

Solar industry professionals remain worried that Florida, nicknamed the "Sunshine State" for its abundance of warm weather, is missing out on all the fun in the sun. While the state currently ranks sixth in the country in terms of grid-connected solar capacity at 39 megawatts (MW), two statistics cast doubts over the future of solar energy in Florida.

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Florida Utility Receives Award for DeSoto Solar Project

For Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), over-achievement has become the norm. Beyond being one of the biggest employers in the Sunshine State -- it currently has 10,500 workers -- the Florida utility company regularly exceeds national averages for service reliability. And, thanks to its heavy investment in natural gas plants and nuclear power, the utility's carbon footprint is smaller than many of its coal-dependent peers'.

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Bluechip Begins Stage One of Central Florida Solar Farm

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, June 8 2010 under: Solar Industry News, Florida Solar, Utility Solar

In case you missed the news out of the Sunshine State at the end of last week, Bluechip Energy broke ground on the first stage of the Rinehart Solar Farm project in Central Florida.

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