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Posted by Margaret Collins In Tuesday, December 9 2008 under: gadgets, holiday, Solar Technology, solar charger, gift ideas

Some people plan their holiday shopping out over the year, so that by the time December rolls around, all they have to do is work on making pretty bows out of organza and fret about whether or not it's legal to offer carolers hot cider anymore. I, however, tend to forget that the holidays are coming until I'm hit in the head with a Salvation Army bell. So, if you're a kindred soul still looking for that perfect something to put under the tree or next to the menorah or on the terrace of the Caribbean hotel room you took to get away from spending the holidays with your in-laws, here are some great solar gift ideas. (We're not endorsing anybody here--I'll give you some links to example products on just so you can click through and see what I'm talking about.)

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