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Going Green and Earning Green

Posted by Eric Messinger In Monday, April 14 2008 under: Solar Power Info, Climate Change, Green Living

The typically interesting Timothy Ferris, author of bestseller The 4-Hour Work Week, has come out with a great post about the return on investment for going green. It gets to the heart of a lot of what we talk about here, but, most importantly, it emphasizes the fact that responding to climate change is above all an opportunity.

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We Always Knew Food was Energy

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, January 30 2008 under: Sustainability, Solar Power Info, Conservation, Green Living

We don't usually think that hard about what that means. Calories, yes; occasionally we consider the carbon footprint of our meal in terms of how far it had to travel to us, if it came packaged in plastic or cardboard, etc. But a recent New York Times article brings to light the truly dark side of our eating habits in America: industrial meat production. Mark Bittman begins his article with a shocker, comparing meat to oil:

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The New Environmentalist: Less Consumption or Greener Consumption?

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, January 14 2008 under: Sustainability, Solar Power Info, Green Living

Over the weekend, I got into a discussion with a good friend of mine about climate change. What began as a friendly, casual interchange soon developed into one of those exaggerated conversations. You know the kind: where each person temporarily adopts extreme and opposing views, simply the hopes of spicing up an otherwise tepid chat. (Editor's note: no punches were thrown, but tears were definitely shed.)

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