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Update on Solar Lights in Haiti

Posted by Margaret Collins In Friday, January 29 2010 under: Solar Lights, international solar, Haiti

In a press release today, solar-powered light manufacturer Sol, Inc. announced that the first phase of its Haiti relief effort has been completed. The company has already shipped approximately one third of its first 130 solar light systems and is looking for air or sea shipping partners to assist with the rest. While the bulk of the company's $300,000 effort has yet to be realized--i.e., installed--Sol, Inc. did get some emergency systems up right after the initial devastating earthquake:

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Solar's Role in Rebuilding Haiti

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, January 20 2010 under: international solar, Haiti

The catastrophic earthquake that has all but leveled Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, left tens of thousands dead or missing, and crippled the country's infrastructure certainly didn't spare alternative power sources like generators or solar installations. Some solar arrays are still up and running and providing much-needed power, though, while still others are being reassembled out of the wreckage. In an insightful blog post yesterday, science editor Alan Boyle took a look at how solar power is providing some immediate relief to the country's energy needs. For instance,

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