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Residential Solar Power: Sunrun uses Tesla Powerwall

Sunrun has decided to use the Tesla Powerwall for their new "Brightbox" residential solar energy storage product. Combining Sunrun installed solar panels with smart inverter technology and smart battery storage unit, the product will initially be rolled out in the Hawaii market, with additional US markets coming later in the year.
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California Renewable Energy Standard Raised to 33%, Gov. Brown Hints at 40%

California Governor Jerry Brown yesterday signed into law a mandate requiring utilities get a third of their electricity from renewable resources like solar panels and wind turbines.

The new bill promises to bring certainty to a fast-growing market for solar energy, in particular. With the transition to a new Governor this year, the future of California's renewables portfolio standard was periodically brought into question (see here and here). Without formal legislative action, the standard would have remained stuck at 20 percent rather than the more aggressive 33 percent.

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Solar and Wind Could Meet 25 Percent of Oahu's Electricity Needs

Posted by Adam Sewall In Wednesday, March 23 2011 under: Hawaii Solar, Solar Power Info, wind, HECO

A new report from the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) suggests that the island of O'ahu could meet a quarter of its electricity needs using solar power and wind resources.

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Which States Enacted the Best Renewable Energy Policies in 2010?

Within the solar energy industry, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is looked to as a leading source of information on renewable energy policy -- at the municipal, state and federal levels. In addition to helping run the DSIRE database, the organization issues countless reports and studies on things like net metering, interconnection and workforce development.

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Hawaii Solar Plant to be Built on Blessed Ground in Honolulu

The Aloha state is prepared to take an important step toward meeting its green goal of getting 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Sopogy -- a Honolulu-based company that uses Micro-Scaled Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology -- will partner with Keahole Solar Power and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) to build the Kalaelola Solar One Plant in western Honolulu.

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Hawaiian Hospitality Group Soon to Go Solar

The Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc. (HHGI), a tourism-focused property developer, may soon be incorporating solar energy systems into some of its projects.

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Owners of Solar Panels in Hawaii to Benefit from Feed-In Tariff

Posted by Adam Sewall In Friday, October 15 2010 under: HPUC, Solar Energy Incentives, Hawaii Solar, Solar Power Info, Feed In Tariff

Hawaii's plans for a feed-in tariff -- which have been in the works for quite some time -- are one step closer to being realized, thanks to a decision Wednesday by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (HPUC). The decision is part of a broad push in Hawaii to get 40 percent of the state's electricity from renewable resources by 2030.

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Walmart to Expand Use of Solar Power in California, Arizona, Hawaii

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, September 20 2010 under: Manufactur, Hawaii Solar, Arizona Solar, Commercial Solar, WalMart, California Solar

What do you get when you take two innovative American solar-panel manufacturers and combine them with the world's biggest retailer? A slew of new solar energy projects, 500 new jobs and a whole lotta clean, predictably priced power. Thank you, may we have some more?

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Hawaii, Colorado, New York Among Best in U.S. Energy Efficiency

As far as awards go, the ones announced yesterday by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) are by most measures modest. How headline-grabbing, after all, are caulk, weather stripping and energy-efficient washing machines? (Answer: Not very.)

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Hawaii's Solar Hot Water Miracle

When it comes to solar hot water, these are The Little Islands That Could. Hawaii's strong investment in solar water heating technology has given their state the enviable designation of Solar Hot Water Leader within the United States. It's also made these water heating systems an even more attractive investment. Check out the size of Hawaii's market compared to other key states:

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