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Dept of Energy Reveals New Standard for Home Energy Audits

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) yesterday revealed a new program intended to show American homeowners where their home ranks in energy efficiency and how much money they can save by making improvements.

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What Is A HERS Rating, And Why Is It Important?

Updated 2016, This is post is still as timely as ever: A Home Energy Rating (HERS) is a key component of a home energy audit, a tool to help your home meet ENERGY STAR Efficient Guidelines. Why is this important for solar installations?

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Home Energy Audits Maximize Solar

October is settling in. On the East coast especially, it really feels like fall. Autumn brings with it some wonderful things, like fresh apples and crisp blue days; but it also brings colder weather and shorter days, meaning your furnace kicks in and your lights are on longer. Energy bills go up. A solar installation that was providing 75 percent of your electrical consumption now might only be providing 50-60 percent if you have electric heat and use traditional incandescent bulbs. Partly this is also because the solar panels receive fewer hours of direct sunlight during the shorter autumn and winter days.

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