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Residential Solar: Study shows $14,300 Premium to Home Resale Price

A new study just published shows that owner-purchased residential solar power systems can add a premium to a home's sales price. The report produced by the Appraisal Institute, a professional real estate appraisal journal, indicates that buyers are willing to pay an average selling premium of 3.75% or $14,329 for a home solar power system over a comparable house with conventional power. The study looked at six states, and normalized the analysis for comparable fair market value homes with available solar system data.


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Why Solar-Powered Homes Are Worth More

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, April 25 2011 under: Solar Homes, residential, Cost and Financing, Home Value

If you've spent even the smallest amount of time reading about solar power, chances are you know that solar panels are good for the environment and can substantially reduce your monthly electricity bills. Solar offers other benefits, however.

One that's being discussed a lot lately is that solar homes tend to sell at a premium relative to non-solar homes. Why?

Andy Black, founder of OnGrid and an industry expert on solar economics, explains

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