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AZ may strengthen incentives for solar producers

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, March 9 2009 under: incentives, Solar Energy Incentives, Arizona Solar, APS, SRP, investment, solar

With tons of sunshine and some pretty solid incentives (notably those available from APS, RPS and UES), Arizona is a great place to install a solar energy system for a home or business. By the looks of it, AZ lawmakers are aiming to make the state a great place for solar energy companies to locate their operations, too. As reported by the Yuma Sun,

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Solar stocks and investment on the rise: thanks, Obama?

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, January 28 2009 under: Obama, stocks, investment, Energy Policy

So you've had a good solid week now of hearing about President Obama's support for clean energy and what this means for the solar industry. At least, we've been chatting about it a lot on this blog and amongst ourselves at Yesterday, Adam drew our attention to the new presiden'ts speech announcing the revival of long-ignored CAFE standards, among other things. Schwarzenegger must be swooning. (The feds have been suppressing state-sponsored initiatives for greater fuel economy for years, a wall against which California has been gleefully flinging itself for some time.)

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