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Ohio unexpected locus for solar activity

This week, Spanish solar firm Isofoton signed a contract to build a PV module manufacturing facility in Ohio, a happy conclusion to a two-year negotiation. The plant will have a capacity of about 60 MW. And now, Green Energy, a non-profit group in the state has announced it has acquired the funding to offer rebates of up to over $2,000 on the installation of solar hot water systems. Considering the relatively low cost of solar hot water systems (anywhere from $5-$8,000 for a standard system, rarely a lot higher in normal residential contexts), this is a big boon. The state currently does offer a solar photovoltaics rebate of $3/watt, which is very good (for comparison, most service regions in California are right now around the $1.50-$2/watt mark), but does not have a comprehensive program for single family homes.

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