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Japan May Make Solar Panels a Required Feature On All New Buildings

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, May 23 2011 under: Japan, Nuclear Power, Energy Policy, Rooftop Solar

As part of on-going efforts to increase the use of renewable energy, Japan may soon unveil a plan to make rooftop solar arrays a required feature of all new buildings and houses by 2030, the Nikkei newspaper reported on Sunday.

The plan may be announced in a statement on energy policy by Prime Minister Naoto Kan at the G8 summit, which will be held in northern France this week. As relayed by Reuters, Kan will likely make clear Japan's intention to continue to use nuclear energy after steps are taken to improve safety standards. Workers are still struggling to control the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northern Japan.

Like nuclear reactors, solar panels are a low- to no-emissions source

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Where Are America's 104 Nuclear Power Plants Located?

Posted by Adam Sewall In Wednesday, March 16 2011 under: Japan, Nuclear Power, United States, Energy Policy

As a follow on to yesterday's blog post, where we broadly discussed the country's electricity sources, I got to thinking: Where, exactly, are our nuclear power facilities?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission offers a lot of useful information, including this map:

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