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Solar Can Cut Health Care Costs

A recent New York Times blog post from Kristina Shevory took a good look at what California's failure to meet clean air standards has meant for the health of its residents--and its budget. Air pollution's links to poor health and higher medical costs across the spectrum (personal, insurance, governmental) are behind federal regulations, and in the fight for cleaner air, cleaner energy production often comes up.

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HGTV's Green Shopping List

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, May 7 2008 under: Sustainability, Solar Power Info, lifestyle, HGTV, products

I don't watch HGTV, and I'm sure I would not have heard about their recent list of "20 Ways Your Home Can Save the Planet" if I hadn't come across it on Jetson Green, a green blog focusing on products and innovations. But I thought--heck! All these Americans are watching this channel, even if I'm not one of them, and isn't it just fantastic that such a major media source is taking on this subject! And then I read the list.

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