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Los Angeles Solar Rebate Debate Continues

On November 2, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) announced it would make cuts to solar rebates available through its solar incentive program. Now, it seems, homeowners, businesses and industry participants are pushing back, saying that the proposed cuts would hamper growth in solar power projects just at the time when L.A.'s residential solar market was started to take off.

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Proposed Cut to Los Angeles Solar Rebate Could Raise Cost of Going Solar

Los Angeles homeowners: your solar rebates may be on the chopping block.

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Muddy Setbacks Could Signal End to Owen Lake's Solar Plant

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, July 8 2010 under: Owen's Lake, Los Angeles Solar, LADWP, California Solar, Utility Solar

The beginning of 2010 saw a promising plan for Owens Lake, the dry expanse in the eastern Sierra Nevada in Inyo County, California, an area that has been plagued by dust storms since the early 20th century.

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In Orange County, Laguna Beach Ranks Third for Solar Homes

In California, San Diego and San Jose lead the way in the Golden State's push toward making solar a prevalent source of power throughout the state. But at a smaller scale, there's plenty of variation (and competition) among California municipalities.

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New Los Angeles Solar Installation Provides Shade, Clean Power

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, May 13 2010 under: Los Angeles Solar, Solar Technology, California Solar

Last week, Los Angeles Air Force Base became home to the largest solar shadeport in the area. Designed and built by Solar Electrical Systems (SES), a California solar installer, the 360-kilowatt (kW) solar installation is not only expected to shave some $70,000 off the base's annual electricity costs while generating clean, renewable power. It will also bring with it a highly coveted commodity: a cool car seat in the middle of the scorching southern California summer.

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Los Angeles Seeking Solar for Palmdale Airport

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, April 19 2010 under: Solar Power Info, airports, Los Angeles Solar, California Solar

The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners yesterday OK'd tentative plans for a large solar energy installation on city-owned property surrounding Palmdale Regional Airport.

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