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Solar Power Leases, Ice Pops Coming to Five Northeastern States

Ah, nothing like a mid-summer promotion... lucky for us, this one is actually pretty cool.

Sungevity, a California-based company that bankrolls the option to lease solar panels for an increasing number of Americans, is coming to five northeastern states -- in an ice pop truck.

As part of the company's Rooftop Revolution campaign, Sungevity representatives will pile into a bio-diesel-powerd ice pop truck equipped with solar panels and tour New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and Delaware. Destinations along the route include events like music festivals, county fairs, farmers markets and minor league baseball games.

Two other solar lease providers, SunRun and SolarCity, are already active in parts of New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

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University of Maryland Turns On Big Solar Energy Farm

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, March 28 2011 under: PPA, Solar Schools, University of Maryland, Solar PV Panels, Maryland Solar

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) today inaugurated a 2.2-megawatt (MW) solar farm that will meet 15 percent of campus electricity needs.

Covering 17 acres of land previously used for agricultural research, the 7,800-panel solar array is the "largest concentration of photovoltaic modules on one site" in all of Maryland, according to the press release. In its first year of operation, it should generate 3.3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) -- roughly the equivalent annual demand of 300 typical American houses.

Like most larger-scale solar installations, the University of Maryland's 2.2-MW array was completed by way of a power purchase agreement (PPA). SunEdison -- a large PPA provider headquartered in Beltsville, MD -- engineered and installed the system at no up-front cost to UMES or the state of Maryland.

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Maryland Revises Solar Energy Grant Program

Thanks largely to its solar energy grant and solar renewable energy credit (SREC) programs, Maryland is a great place to go solar. The state recently updated the application process for the grant program, making it easier for homeowners (and businesses) to secure the $500-per-kilowatt (kW) rebate that's available to help offset upfront installation costs. Here's a blurb from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA):

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University of Maryland to Install Solar Power

On Valentines Day, the University of Maryland, College Park agreed to install one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar energy systems in the entire state atop its Severn Building -- a building that stands roughly one mile away from the main College Park campus. University officials also announced that they will use a $630,000 grant from the state's Sunburst Initiative Program to fund a majority of the installation. The Sunburst funds are meant to help fund renewable energy projects at public buildings throughout the state, and the University of Maryland is one of the first public schools in the state to receive funding through the program. The rest of the $2.6 million project will be funded by Washington Gas Energy services.

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SolarCity to Offer Solar Lease Option to Maryland Homeowners

As SolarCity expands, so too does the number of residential solar installations.

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New Maryland Law Aims at Boosting Solar Energy Use

A new law in Maryland scheduled to take effect on January 1st will require state utility companies to purchase more electricity generated from solar energy resources sooner than originally scheduled.

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New Partnership Aims at Affordable Solar in Maryland, Mid-Atlantic

Standard Solar -- a Maryland solar installation company -- has partnered with Sol Systems to help make clean energy more accessible for mid-Atlantic homeowners.

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Ice Rink Installs Big Rooftop Solar Energy System in Maryland

Just in time for hockey season, an ice rink in Rockville, Maryland is now home to one of the largest single rooftop solar energy systems in the entire state.

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Sol Systems Offers Zero Down Solar Lease in Nation's Capitol

With the introduction of a new solar lease program in Washington, D.C., there's now really no reason for the White House not to go solar...

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Solar Power 101: What the Heck Is An SREC?

If you've noodled around on the Web looking for information on residential solar energy systems, you may have come across something called a "Solar Renewable Energy Credit" -- or SREC (pronounced "S wreck") for short. Since SRECs help make solar panels a great investment in some states, we figured it might be helpful to explain what these credits are and how they work.

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