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GM Installing Solar Panels at Chevy Volt Plant in Michigan

Posted by Adam Sewall In Friday, May 13 2011 under: DTE, Chevy Volt, GM, Commercial Solar, Michigan Solar, DTE Energy, General Motors

General Motors is continuing its slow but steady push to improve the energy efficiency of its operations and increase its use of renewable energy.

This week, the vehicle manufacturer announced that work began on a large photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant in southeastern Michigan, via Osha Gray Davidson.

At 516-kilowatts (kW) in size, the solar power array will produce enough electricity each year to fully charge 54,750 Chevy Volt electric cars, which (aptly) GM assembles at the plant.

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DTE Energy Shuts Off Michigan Solar Rebates

Michigan residents who are customers of DTE Energy have in recent years enjoyed one of the best solar power rebate programs in the country... until now.

The Michigan utility today announced that its popular SolarCurrents rebate program has become fully subscribed.

"The SolarCurrents program demonstrated that financial incentives can spur significant growth and interest in an emerging renewable technology," said Trevor Lauer, DTE Energy vice president, Marketing & Renewables. "We are proud of the role this program has played in helping Michigan's solar industry transition to become a viable and growing industry within our state."


DTE Energy customers can still install solar energy systems – and work with the utility to connect them to their electric system. But DTE Energy will no longer provide financial incentives that were part of the initial pilot program.

Well isn't that convenient?

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Ford to Install Solar at Michigan Plant

Ford Motor Company's assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan will soon be home to the state's largest solar energy system. Later this year, Ford, Detroit Edison and Xtreme Power of Austin, Texas will begin building a 500-kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system at the assembly plant.

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Dow Chemical Unveils Net-Zero Energy Home in Michigan

Last week, the Dow Chemical Company and Cobblestone Homes in Michigan unveiled what is being billed as the nation's first affordable, net-zero energy home. The home, in other words, is designed to generate as much (or more) electricity than is needed -- resulting in a net-zero electric bill.

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Shining a Spotlight on Detroit’s Solar Incentives

An unlikely location in the Midwest is setting up to be a locus of solar activity: Detroit, Michigan, former world auto industry capital as famed for its Model-Ts as it was for its smoke-belching factories, is also at the center of a pilot solar incentive program offered by utility company DTE Energy Co. through its subsidiary Detroit Edison. With Michigan shooting for a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 10 percent by 2015, however, the pressure is on for utilities to deliver—and DTE has stepped up to the plate. SolarCurrents, as the $25 million Detroit Edison program is called, provides rebates of $2.40/watt—or, $2,400 per kilowatt—of installed solar capacity, a lucrative rebate that could set off the price of a 5 kW system by a hefty $12,000. It applies to solar photovoltaic systems between 1 kW and 20 kW in installed capacity, and the program will accommodate only up to 5 MW of installations, so get your foot in the door while you can.

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Solar, Wind Tax Breaks in Pipeline for Arizona, Rest of U.S.

Hot on the heels of President Barack Obama’s $2.3 billion Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits for spurring renewable energy development and clean-energy jobs arrives news, courtesy of the Arizona Republic, detailing how Arizona will be among the many states to benefit from the initiative.

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Senators, Congressman Push to Keep Solar Jobs in U.S.

Following closely on the heels of Evergreen’s decision to outsource to China, a quartet of legislators representing three different states and both sides of the political spectrum introduced earlier this week a bill intended to bolster solar manufacturing jobs in the United States. A bipartisan piece of legislation supported by the Solar Energy Industries Association, the Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act aims to provide a tax credit, which is intended to encourage more American solar companies to produce solar equipment stateside.

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Michigan Feed-in Tariff is Live

Posted by Margaret Collins In Friday, September 18 2009 under: Solar Energy Incentives, feed-in tariff, Michigan Solar, FIT, Feed In Tariff

As Adam called our attention to last month, Michigan has put into place an experimental feed-in tariff for solar. It's not large: out of a program cap of 2,000 kw, Consumers Energy has set aside 500 kw for residential solar. Still, that's enough for 100 moderately-sized 5kw solar panel installations in a state that has previously been hanging around the edges of the solar movement without quite getting its feet wet. (A few state utilies do offer solar rebates; check out the full list of MI incentives here.)

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