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Hey, Big Oil: Your Roots Are Showing

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, August 19 2009 under: Astroturf, cap and trade, oil industry, legislation, Energy Policy

At GetSolar, we strive to maintain a balanced viewpoint on the clean energy marketplace. We rarely take or advocate a strong unilateral stance on an issue. This week we are making an exception for the recent activities of the American Petroleum Institute (API), America's largest oil and gas trade association. In keeping with our policy of informed debate, it is essential to examine what appear to be unethical efforts of API to undermine Congressional support for the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES), the Waxman-Markey bill that includes cap and trade legislation and which is moving into the Senate this fall.

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Solar Stalls in the Senate

Not just solar, of course. All branches of the renewables industry suffered another real frustration yesterday when the Senate, once again, failed to extend the renewable energy tax credit, thanks to a Republican filibuster. One wonders if they were reading the Yellow Pages to keep the filibuster going, or perhaps something more relevant, like, say, the quarterly reports of oil companies? Analysts are saying the fault is partly the Democrats', too, for failing to separate out "controversial" issues in the bill from the tax credit, although I'm not sure when funding for renewable energy under the Bush administration ceased to be controversial.

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