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Clean Energy Milestone Hit by PG&E

Pacific Gas  and Electric Company (PG&E), a California Utility said in an announcement they hit a significant milestone for 2015 with 29.5% of retail electricity coming from renewable clean energy. That number actually exceeded the State targets of 23.3% for years 2014 through 2016, using a variety of generation sources, and puts them on track to achieve the very ambitious California State goals of 33% renewables by 2020, and 50% by 2013. The utility leads the nation with residential rooftop solar installations connected to the grid.

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California's 33% Renewables Standard Hangs in the Balance, Assembly to Vote Today

Regular readers (among others) will know that California is the nation's clean energy leader. The state has on the books a law requiring that a fifth of all electricity come from renewable sources by 2010. A 2009 executive order by former Governor Schwarzenegger raised that target to 33 percent. But, thanks to procedural nuances, the Governator's move could technically be rolled back. In order to still, the new (higher) renewable energy standard must pass formal legislative muster.

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European Union to Top its Clean Energy Goal

As the European Union's 27 countries inch closer to their combined 2020 renewable energy mandate of getting 20 percent of their total energy from renewable sources, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has reported that the EU is well on its way to exceeding the goal. Individually, the EU 15 countries out the 27 states are expected to meet and surpass their own clean energy requirements by that same 2020 deadline.

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New Maryland Law Aims at Boosting Solar Energy Use

A new law in Maryland scheduled to take effect on January 1st will require state utility companies to purchase more electricity generated from solar energy resources sooner than originally scheduled.

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Will the U.S. Get a Renewable Energy Standard?

For the next week on Capitol Hill, Republicans and Democrats will tussle over whether or not to include a renewable electricity standard (RES) in legislation that may be put to vote in the Senate within the next week.

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