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California Renewable Energy Standard Raised to 33%, Gov. Brown Hints at 40%

California Governor Jerry Brown yesterday signed into law a mandate requiring utilities get a third of their electricity from renewable resources like solar panels and wind turbines.

The new bill promises to bring certainty to a fast-growing market for solar energy, in particular. With the transition to a new Governor this year, the future of California's renewables portfolio standard was periodically brought into question (see here and here). Without formal legislative action, the standard would have remained stuck at 20 percent rather than the more aggressive 33 percent.

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California's 33% Renewables Standard Hangs in the Balance, Assembly to Vote Today

Regular readers (among others) will know that California is the nation's clean energy leader. The state has on the books a law requiring that a fifth of all electricity come from renewable sources by 2010. A 2009 executive order by former Governor Schwarzenegger raised that target to 33 percent. But, thanks to procedural nuances, the Governator's move could technically be rolled back. In order to still, the new (higher) renewable energy standard must pass formal legislative muster.

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Pennsylvania Begins $20.5 Million, 40-Project Energy Plan

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell kicked off September by unveiling a new, $20.5 million, 40-project energy plan for his state. The aim? Create jobs, boost clean energy use and save energy throughout Pennsylvania.

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California's 33 Percent Renewables Standard Fails to Pass

To follow up on our post yesterday detailing the debates over California's proposed 33 percent renewable energy standard, we are sad to say that the legislation, SB 722, did not pass. The legislative session ended last night at midnight, and as debate was still raging until the closing bell, no renewable energy standard is set to last beyond the Governator's reign.

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With Governator on His Way Out, California Ponders Higher Renewables Standard

On Monday, the California Legislature will vote on a bill to raise California's Renewable Portfolio Standard, potentially requiring 33 percent of electricity generated by the state's utilities to come from renewable resources by 2020.

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RPSs, RECs and two-way meters

Update 2015, this post is as timely as ever:  Most of us, I reckon, don't give much thought to electricity bills. We don't lie awake in bed dissecting our monthly energy use down to the watt-hour. Nor do we chat with co-workers about the wondrous world of weatherstripping (it saves so many kWhs in winter!). We certainly don't subscribe to Electric Light & Power magazine, be it, as it may, a critical resource for understanding the vagaries of utility pricing schedules and state-by-state regulations. No, most of us are aware of electricity's presence only in those rare moments when it's not there. Example: when a late-July thunderstorm brought a tree branch down on a powerline near my house, it took only about 15 minutes before I started griping about not being able to charge my iPod. Alas, this is the nature of the human mind: it's not until we feel a thing's absence that we truly appreciate its full worth.

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