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For Now, San Jose is California's Leading 'Solar City'

Judging from number released a couple of weeks ago, San Jose can rightfully claim to be "the most" solar city in California.

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San Diego to Get Sneak Peek of Plug-In Prius

Toyota will in 2012 release a new model of its energy-efficient Prius equipped with an electric plug-in option. The new feature will allow drivers to jet around town for 13 miles solely on battery power before the gasoline engine kicks in.

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San Diego Solar vs. LA Solar: Who's Winning?

Posted by Margaret Collins In Tuesday, April 13 2010 under: Solar Industry News, San Diego, Los Angeles, California Solar

Last year, San Diego was named California's top solar city by advocacy group Environment America, but Los Angeles has been making headlines left and right with some of the most daring solar plans in the country. So which city really deserves the title "Hottest California Solar Market"?

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San Diego County Adopts New Solar Financing Option for Homes

Good news for residents of San Diego County: a new program will soon make it easier to finance the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The Financing Initiative for Renewable and Solar Technology (FIRST) program will permit homeowners to borrow money from the municipal government to install solar panels, then will allow them to repay the funds over 20 years through an annual surcharge on their property tax bill. More generally, the approach is called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

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Solar Power International 2008: Success!

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, October 22 2008 under: Solar Industry News, San Diego, conference, Solar Power International

These are unstable times and the recent performance of solar stocks seems to have everyone suddenly concerned about the future of the industry that mere weeks ago seemed to be on a spectacular rise. So I wish everyone with these doubts could have wandered the halls of San Diego's convention center last week: over 400 exhibitors and 23,000 visitors jammed the halls for three days. Seriously, standing room only. Considering that the attendance at SPI 2007 was just shy of 10,000, this is proof of the much-vaunted boom in the solar marketplace.

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