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Clean Energy: Reinventing Fire by RMI.

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, February 25 2016 under: Solar Energy, Clean Energy, Smart Energy Grid, RMI
The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a think tank, has a "systems" way of thinking about clean energy, grid upgrades, CO2 reduction and transportation innovations. Their program is called " Reinventing Fire". Just as the name implies, in its simplistic elegance, it is an innovative way for the Nation and the World to think about producing and distributing energy. Cleaner, smarter, more resilient, and ultimately more efficient in the long run when all costs are factored and fully allocated.


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The Smart Grid, Part I: What Is It?

In the United States, electricity is generally something that we take for granted. We flip a switch and a light illuminates the room. Yet the system behind that switch is extremely complex and increasingly inefficient. Luckily, entrepreneurs, utility owners, and policymakers are collaborating to address such inefficiencies with the application of digital technology. The smart grid. You’ve probably heard the term before. In this four-part series, we will explore what exactly the smart grid is, why our current grid is inadequate, how we will benefit from a smart energy grid, and exactly where we stand today in upgrading our electrical grid. The final section will also look at what this all means for solar energy. First, let’s try to understand what the news media and policymakers mean when they talk about the smart grid.

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