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Santa Rosa YMCA Breaks Ground on Solar Carport in California

The YMCA in Santa Rosa, California is going solar -- and is doing so by using a hot new trend in the industry: by installing a solar carport.

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Two High Schools Save Money With Solar Power in San Diego

La Costa Canyon High School and Canyon Crest Academy -- two high schools in northern San Diego, California -- have installed one-megawatt (MW) solar "carports" above parking areas that will each account for 70 percent of each school's needs. According to Sign on San Diego, the solar energy systems are set to be fully functional by January 2011.

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Envision Solar to Provide Solar Carports for Chevy Volt

Envision Solar has enjoyed a number of early successes. The San Diego-based start-up has erected its solar-powered carports models at Kyocera, the University of San Diego and a local McDonald's. Now, Envision has caught its first big fish in the industry.

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Navy Facility in California Announces New Solar Carport

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, September 20 2010 under: Solar Industry News, solar carport, military, California Solar, U.S. Navy

After receiving $1.9 million in federal Recovery Act funds in late September, a U.S. Navy facility in Seal Beach, California has announced the completion of a 190-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system.

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