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Arizona Utility Installs Solar Panels On Group Homes, Will Save $700 a Year at Each

As one of Arizona's main electricity utilities, Salt River Project (SRP) has done its part to promote the use of solar power -- mainly by providing solar rebate to customers who install solar panels on their home or business.

(For more info on SRP's solar incentive programs, see here and here.)

As it turns out, this isn't the only way the utility is increasing the number of residential solar energy systems within its service territory.

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Maryland Revises Solar Energy Grant Program

Thanks largely to its solar energy grant and solar renewable energy credit (SREC) programs, Maryland is a great place to go solar. The state recently updated the application process for the grant program, making it easier for homeowners (and businesses) to secure the $500-per-kilowatt (kW) rebate that's available to help offset upfront installation costs. Here's a blurb from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA):

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Denver Map Shows Solar Potential, Available Solar Rebates

With the help of a $180,000 federal grant, the Denver Regional Council of Governments has expanded the use of the Denver Regional Solar Map -- a tool originally intended for approximately 2,000 commercial property owners in Denver to figure out how much solar energy they can harvest on their roofs.

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Sixty South Carolina Homes to Get Solar Hot Water Systems

Some folks in South Carolina -- which is currently ranked a dismal 20th in the nation in terms of total installed renewable energy capacity -- are making an effort to move the state up in the ranks.

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Section 1603 Renewable Energy Grants Extended for One Year

Posted by Adam Sewall In Friday, December 17 2010 under: Solar Energy Incentives, Solar Energy Grants, 1603 treasury grant

It's getting late here on a Friday afternoon, so we'll keep this brief. The big, nay HUGE, news for solar power today is that an important renewable energy incentive program -- the so-called Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program -- was extended as part of the tax compromise bill singed this afternoon by President Barack Obama.

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Renewable Energy Grant May Be Extended

The word out of Washington late this week was that senators and the Obama Administration have agreed on a plan to extend the U.S. Treasury Department's Treasury Grant Program for another year.

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Solar, Renewable Energy Grant Extension a Step in the Right Direction

As the fate of an important renewable energy grant program has earned a spot in the Senate's tax bill, we thought it'd be timely to share a telling info-graphic that was released -- and subsequently circulated widely -- a little over a year ago.

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Clean Energy Advocates Take Their Case to Capitol Hill

The expiration clock continues to tick on a federal grant that many clean energy advocates credit with providing an incredibly helpful boost to the solar and wind energy economy in the United States. And with few options left, supporters of the federal program have taken their case to Capitol Hill in a final effort to convince a lame-duck Congress to extend it.

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Property Owners Race to Cash in on Commercial Solar Grant

In 2009, the United States federal government converted a 30 percent tax credit for business owners who power their property with solar energy into a 30 percent treasury grant. What's the difference? The property owners receive a check reimbursing them for 30 percent of the project's cost within 60 days of completing the installation rather than waiting to use the tax credit against taxes they owe once a year.

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Lower Hudson Valley Towns Teaming Up to Install Solar

Briarcliff Manor and Pleasantville in Weschester County, New York will share a federal solar grant that will allow both municipalities to install new solar photovoltaic (PV) systems atop their public works department garages.

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