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Solar Hot Water in California: Understanding CSI Thermal Rebates

Even though we're going to get pretty granular here, let's start with the big picture: you're thinking about installing a solar hot water system in California. Since you're probably wondering how much it costs, you'll want to know how much the state is willing to pay you in rebates. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program has ample funds that have yet to be tapped, since they only began issuing rebates in May. It's a great time to get solar hot water in the land of the Governator.

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California OKs $350M in Solar Hot Water Rebates

Posted by Adam Sewall In Friday, January 22 2010 under: Solar Thermal, Solar Hot Water Rebate, California Solar

The California Public Utilities Commission yesterday approved $350 million in rebates to encourage homeowners and businesses to install solar water-heating systems. Industry experts estimate that the program could cut the cost of such systems -- also called solar thermal systems -- by up to 25 percent. The federal government provides a tax credit worth 30 percent of installed system costs.

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Connecticut to Offer Solar Hot Water Rebate

Thanks to federal stimulus money, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) will soon launch a rebate program for solar thermal -- or solar hot water -- energy systems. By covering 20 percent of associated costs, the state aims to support the installation of 600 residential solar thermal systems and 100 commercial solar thermal systems. The Hartford Business Journal provides a quick and interesting Q&A with Dave Ljungquist, Associate Director of Project Development at CCEF:

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