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California Solar Installers: How To Choose a Great Home Solar System

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Friday, October 7 2016 under: solar installer, solar installation, California Solar, Solar Quotes

California is currently the nation's largest market for solar power installations; it has great sun, great solar policies, relatively high conventional (non solar) electricity rates, and a vibrant solar installer eco-system. So how does a homeowner start the process of finding the right system and the "best" deal for their particular situation?

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Spotlight on FL Solar Installer Avon Park

People come to to learn about solar energy and its costs and benefits. They also come to us to be connected to qualified, reliable solar installers in their region. We touch base periodically with those we've helped to see how things are going, but occasionally, out of the blue, the customers call us first. We've had this kind of feedback consistently on one particular installer, and we just had to share the most recent success story. Let me tell you a little about this company, first.

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On the importance of a qualified solar installer

What we do at is educate consumers of all kinds about the values of solar energy and help them determine if solar is right for them. Then, we connect those consumers with qualified, experienced solar electric or solar thermal installers who can provide competitive quotes. This means the consumer doesn't have to worry about whether or not the installer behind the quote has a good service record, or up to date insurance and licensing, or good business credit: we've taken care of all that already.

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