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Solar Lease Availability Grows: SunPower, Citi to Finance $105 Million Worth

Posted by Adam Sewall In Friday, July 29 2011 under: SunPower, Citi, Cost and Financing, solar lease

Solar leasing is well on its way to becoming mainstream.

SunPower Corp. and Citi today announced a new fund to finance approximately $105 million in residential solar lease projects. According to the announcement, the lease program will be available to qualifying homeowners in eight states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Here's a requisite sound bite:

"Citi's global financial leadership combined with SunPower's leading technology and quarter century of experience offer customers an unprecedented level of assurance that is vitally important when a homeowner enters into a 20-year lease agreement," said SunPower CFO Dennis Arriola. "We are proud to partner with Citi, and applaud its commitment to promoting the use of solar power."

Solar leases enable homeowners to pay a monthly fee for their solar home energy system rather than buy it outright. The approach makes good financial sense in those parts of the country where

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Solar Power Leases, Ice Pops Coming to Five Northeastern States

Ah, nothing like a mid-summer promotion... lucky for us, this one is actually pretty cool.

Sungevity, a California-based company that bankrolls the option to lease solar panels for an increasing number of Americans, is coming to five northeastern states -- in an ice pop truck.

As part of the company's Rooftop Revolution campaign, Sungevity representatives will pile into a bio-diesel-powerd ice pop truck equipped with solar panels and tour New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and Delaware. Destinations along the route include events like music festivals, county fairs, farmers markets and minor league baseball games.

Two other solar lease providers, SunRun and SolarCity, are already active in parts of New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

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With Low-Cost Solar Panels, Suntech Set to Launch U.S. Residential Solar Lease

Posted by Adam Sewall In Wednesday, June 29 2011 under: Suntech, Solar Homes, Cost and Financing, solar lease

The world of solar leasing just got a whole lot more interesting.

Last week, Google announced a plan to invest $280 million in SolarCity, a California-based company that offers solar leases in ten states across the U.S.

Hours after, news broke that Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd -- a large China-based manufacturer of solar panels -- was working on plans to offer a solar home energy lease option of its own. Both developments are likely to increase the availability of solar leases to qualifying homeowners in select states.

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Google Investing $280 Million to Back Solar Home Leases with SolarCity

Posted by Adam Sewall In Tuesday, June 14 2011 under: Solar Homes, SolarCity, residential, solar lease, Google

SolarCity is a big provider of solar home energy leases in ten states across the country. Google is, well, Google. The news today is that the two companies are about to get a bit closer.

The Internet search giant made clear its intention to invest $280 million to create a fund that will enable SolarCity to finance more residential solar energy projects.

"We're excited to be making our first investment in distributed residential solar," said Rick Needham, director of green business operations at Google.

To date, SolarCity has to its name over 15,000 solar power projects,

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Lowe's Teams with Sungevity to Offer Solar Lease Option, Starting in California

In an effort to provide solar home energy options to its customers, Lowe's is teaming up with Sungevity, an Oakland, California-based company that leases the systems to homeowners in handful of states.

The home improvement retailer has taken a minority stake in Sungevity that will help each company make up ground where it was previously lacking. Starting at stores in California, Lowe's will at last have a solar power option to discuss with its customers. Its main competitor, Home Depot, has offered such an option since March 2010, when the Atlanta-based company launched a partnership with SolarCity.

Sungevity, meanwhile,

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SolarCity to Offer Solar Lease Option to Maryland Homeowners

As SolarCity expands, so too does the number of residential solar installations.

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Solar Lease Option Comes to Oregon in 2011, Courtesy of SolarCity

While the world was saying goodbye to 2010 on New Year's Eve, many in the solar industry were gladly welcoming in 2011 -- a year that brings with it the extension of a federal renewable energy grant program for commercial solar projects, and a number of other helpful solar incentive programs.

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Sol Systems Offers Zero Down Solar Lease in Nation's Capitol

With the introduction of a new solar lease program in Washington, D.C., there's now really no reason for the White House not to go solar...

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CT Solar Lease Program Back On

Good news for Connecticut homeowners who want to install solar panels: as of July 19, the state's solar lease program is accepting applications again.

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Solar Energy and The Good Morning America Effect

Posted by Annie Lindseth In Thursday, July 29 2010 under: Good Morning America, SunRun, Cost and Financing, solar lease, GMA

Being featured on Good Morning America this morning, solar power has been put in a very pleasant spotlight. If any industry deserves its five minutes in the sun, it's solar, an we're always happy to hear that topics related to solar, other renewables, and energy efficiency are reaching a broad audience.

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