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Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, September 9 2009 under: Solar Paving, Solar Technology, solar future

Do you ever feel like you're living in the future? No, that's just me...? Well, maybe this will change your mind: a startup was just awarded $100,000 by the Department of Transportation to prototype its Solar Road Panel. The Solar Road Panel will be made of glass and solar cells, and will be embedded with programmable LEDs. The company, Idaho-based Solar Roadways, envisions a nation powered by its solar highway system. A one-mile stretch of four lane highway paved with Solar Roadway segments would allegedly produce over 13 MWh/day: not too shabby. If you use an average daily residential electrical consumption of 30 kWh, that means one mile of highway could power over 400 homes. Naturally, you ask: how do they work?

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