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Residential Solar Power: New Program Opens to More Americans

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Friday, July 22 2016 under: Solar Policy, PACE financing, solar financing, Residential Solar

The White House has launched a program designed to bring clean solar energy into more American households and more income brackets through a simplified, no-money-down financing vehicle based on a homeowner's property tax bill. The goal is to bring 1 gigawatt (GW) online in low to moderate income communities across the country by 2020.


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Intersolar 2016 Keynotes: Solar is Mainstream

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, July 18 2016 under: Solar Industry News, Solar Policy, SunRun

Opening ceremony keynotes speeches from Intersolar 2016 featuring Kevin de Leon of the California Senate, Bernadette del Chiarro of CALSEIA, Lynn Jurich CEO of Sunrun, Ali Zaidi from the OMB and others with a message that solar powered electrcity is mainstream, and more affordable than ever for more Americans. Lynn Jurich, Co-Founder and CEO of SunRun, a residential solar power installation and finance company said to not bet against America.

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From Satelliets to Rooftops: US Solar Power Installations Hit One Million

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Friday, April 22 2016 under: Solar Policy, solar power, US solar
The US solar power industry hit a significant milestone this week surpassing the one millionth solar power installation. This is an impressive achievement considering the numerous obstacles the industry has had to overcome, however solar technology is now officially mainstream; employing over 200,000 people in the US solar industry.
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California Residential Solar Power:  San Francisco Approves Solar Bill

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Wednesday, April 20 2016 under: Solar Policy, San Francisco solar, California Solar

The San Francisco California Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the "Better Roofs Ordinance" that will require new construction in the city to install solar energy systems on the roof. The new ordinance includes requirements for both residential solar power systems and commercial solar power systems, including either photovoltaic electric or solar hot water systems, or both.

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California Solar Power: San Francisco Leading the Charge

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, April 19 2016 under: Solar Policy, San Francisco solar, California Solar

San Francisco California Solar Power Program.The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is voting on an ambitious bill to put solar power systems on most all new rooftops in the city that have the appropriate site requirements. The bill is sponsored by Supervisor Scott Wiener and is called the "Better Roofs Ordinance", which if passed would make San Francisco a leading city in the country requiring rooftop solar.

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US Residential Solar Power: At Risk Youth?

Posted by Matt Jennison In Tuesday, March 15 2016 under: Solar Policy, Net Metering, utilities, Residential Solar, Home Solar Power

While the solar industry is currently abuzz with the latest 2015 and forecast 2016 numbers for strong growth, there lays a very real risk to nascent residential solar power in the United States; Net Energy Metering (NEM) policy changes, and strong lobbying efforts by incumbent utility companies. Just as clean solar energy generation is beginning to take hold in the US, albeit from a small base (around 1% in absolute terms), significant policy headwinds appear on the horizon.

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Massachusetts Residential Solar Power: Too Successful?

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, March 1 2016 under: Solar Policy, SREC, Massachusetts Solar News, Residential Solar

Massachusetts is known for being a leader in many areas including technology, academia, bio-pharma, financial industry, and of course pragmatic Yankee can-do attitude. Add something else to this list; residential solar power. Massachusetts is second only to California in solar jobs at just over 15,000 solar industry related jobs, and has 944 MW total installed solar capacity, according to the "Solar Jobs Census Compendium 2015" report. So what's wrong with this? State solar policy may have been so successful that the program is getting full.

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New York Solar Association Reveils Future Goals

Earlier this month, Ron Kamen, president of the New York Solar Energy Industries Associaton (NYSEIA), spoke about the group's future goals at the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations in Buffalo. Here are some of the main projects the group will be working on in 2011 and beyond:

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New California Program to Promote Lower Cost Solar, Other Renewables

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently approved a pilot program through which prices will be set for electricity coming from renewable energy resources.

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Extension of Fed Programs Could Add 10 GW of Solar, 200K Jobs

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has teamed up with Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) to push hard for two federal programs that together have the potential to create by 2012 as many as 200,000 new jobs in America.

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