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Solar Scorecard Stacks Up Companies’ Green Credentials

Posted by Connie Zheng In Thursday, March 25 2010 under: Solar Industry News, First Solar, Solar rankings, Solar PV Panels

Just how green are the solar panels gracing your rooftop? For most home- and business-owners, it’s still difficult to tell—but, if rankings are your thing, the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition’s 2010 Solar Company Survey and Scorecard may be a good starting point. Released earlier this week, the San Jose-based organization’s report surveyed 25 of the world’s biggest solar photovoltaic panel and/or cell manufacturers and scored them based on their environmental practices and policies, which included “Extended Producer Responsibility and Takeback” (product recycling), green jobs, chemical use and disclosure. German companies topped the list, with Q-Cells, Calyxo and SolarWorld in the lead, and American powerhouse First Solar trailing not too far behind.

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