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Reviewing 2009 Solar Stocks

Posted by Margaret Collins In Friday, November 27 2009 under: Solar Industry News, Solar Shares, Solar Market, Solar Stocks

I'm no econ expert, but because I'm in the solar industry, I do try to keep an eye on solar shares. And because I'm no econ expert, man, do I ever love it when I come across a really good breakdown of market trends and forecasts. Keeping in mind that this is just one analyst's informed opinion, of course, I've been mulling over renewable energy markets expert J. Peter Lynch's recent posting on

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Solar Stocks Performing Well

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, October 7 2009 under: SunPower, Solar Industry News, Solar Shares, Solar Market, Solar Stocks

The end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 were rocky for solar shares, as for so many aspects of the stock market. With strong federal support for solar power, though, and the cost of technology dropping, the solar industry may be finding firm footing once again. Forbes reported yesterday that solar shares were rising early this week as the market strengthened; on Tuesday, shares for solar manufacturers made sturdy progress, with SunPower (SPWR) going up 3 percent and shares for Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL) rising 7.4 percent.

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