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Impressive Solar Tracker Video in the Atacama of Chile

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Wednesday, February 10 2016 under: Solar Costs, Solar Tracking, SunEdison, Utility Solar

Great video of two SunEdison utility scale power plants using the NEXTracker system in the Atacama of northern Chile. The Crucero Project of 71 MWp using 236,320 solar panels, and the Javiera Project of 69 MWp using 231,074 panels.  High efficiency utility scale tracking systems can increase electricity production by an impressive 40% over a fixed-mount array. At utility sizes like this, that is a huge iincrease in output. The video shows the shear scale of this type of project, and the depth of design and engineering that goes into clean energy production.

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Drive Down the Cost of Solar and You'll Get $65 Million

Posted by Annie Lindseth In Thursday, September 9 2010 under: Solar Industry News, Solar Tracking, Solaria, Grount Mount, Solar Technology

Solaria Corporation yesterday announced it raised $65 million in series D financing to expand production of their solar modules, which are designed specifically for ground-mounted tracking systems. The company uses a manufacturing process that "requires only a fraction of the capital expenditure per watt of manufacturing capacity needed by standard industry practices."

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