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SoCal Edison (Still) Offers the Best Solar Rebate in California: Here's Why

If you're a residential customer of Southern California Edison (SCE), you've got more than SoCal's sunny days to be happy about. You're also sitting on what is arguably the state's best solar rebate. We've discussed this before. But, looking at the numbers this morning, I could help but mention it again.

Here's the deal. In 2006, the state's public utilities commission launched the California Solar Initiative (CSI), a multi-year program aimed at providing more than $3 billion in incentives to solar-energy projects through 2016. The program was broken up into ten "steps," each representing a certain amount solar power (in megawatts, or MW). According to the program structure, as more solar gets installed, the incentive level is reduced. Like this:

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California Utility Lays out Vision for Future Smart Grid

While the California officials have been working overtime to approve solar power plants in time to meet a statewide renewable energy goal, its utility companies are faced with a slightly different task: How do we incorporate all of that renewable energy it our electric grid?

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Porterville Solar Power Plant Near Completion in California

Southern California Edison (SCE) -- one of California's three major investor owned utilities (IOUs) -- is just about finished with construction of a 29,000-panel solar energy plant in Porterville, California that, when completed, should produce enough energy to power 4,300 homes in Porterville each year.

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Southern California Edison Buys More Solar Power

Southern California Edison (SCE), one of California's three major utility service companies, is already a leading supplier of solar power out of any utility company in the country. And last week, in an effort to both cushion its distance between itself and the rest of the nation's utilities and help meet California's goal of 33 percent of its energy coming from renewable sources by 2020, SCE added 245 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity to its grid.

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Southern California Edison Offers Highest Solar Rebates in California

Come and get 'em while they last! Southern California Edison (SCE) offers residential rebates of $1.55 per watt of solar panels installed, while the other two main utilities covered by the California Solar Initiative (CSI) -- PG&E and SDG&E -- offer a lower payment of $0.65 per watt. Fewer customers in SCE's service area have taken advantage of the CSI solar rebates, so the step-down program still offers a higher rebate. To highlight what a great deal this makes for SCE customers, let's walk through the cost with GetSolar's Solar Financial Calculator.

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Southern California Edison Signs 60MW in Rooftop Solar Deals

Coming to us via a press release is news that Southern California Edison (SCE) has awarded contracts totaling nearly 60 megawatts' worth of solar electric projects. According to agreements signed with a number of independent power producers -- like Tioga Solar, SunEdison Utility Solutions, Photon LLC and others -- solar panels will be installed on 31 rooftops and five ground-mounted sites across SCE's service territory.

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Summer Tips from SCE to Keep Cool in California and Beyond

Southern California Edison (SCE), one of California's three major utilities, has been recognized by multiple environmental organizations for its work in the realm of energy efficiency. One of those organizations is the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So if you don't want to listen to GetSolar when it comes to energy saving tips, listen to THEM!

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ProLogis, SCE to Add Solar, Make Good Use of California Roof Space

ProLogis, an owner and operator of warehouses, yesterday announced that a second rooftop solar installation project will be added to five of its facilities in Southern California. Together with the company's first -- a 2-megawatt (MW) solar panel system already installed at a facility in Fontana, California -- the newly announced 11.1-MW project will bring the company's solar tally to some 13.5 MWs installed in the U.S., and 26.6 MWs installed globally.

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