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Solar stocks and investment on the rise: thanks, Obama?

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, January 28 2009 under: Obama, stocks, investment, Energy Policy

So you've had a good solid week now of hearing about President Obama's support for clean energy and what this means for the solar industry. At least, we've been chatting about it a lot on this blog and amongst ourselves at Yesterday, Adam drew our attention to the new presiden'ts speech announcing the revival of long-ignored CAFE standards, among other things. Schwarzenegger must be swooning. (The feds have been suppressing state-sponsored initiatives for greater fuel economy for years, a wall against which California has been gleefully flinging itself for some time.)

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Solar Potential in a Slow Economy

Posted by Margaret Collins In Tuesday, December 16 2008 under: market, shares, stocks, Cost and Financing

Although solar stocks have taken some sharp hits throughout the course of this fiscally rocky fall, there are some companies and investors who continue to see opportunities in solar R&D. Since long-term there's no question that renewable technologies will take over the energy market, it makes sense for a company to get a headstart on the competition in a slow period if possible.

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A Busy Time for the Solar Industry

Whether it's the fact that Congress finally passed the solar ITC extension, or just a happy coincidence, the news this past week has been chock-full of advances in solar technology and new solar panel installations.

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