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Intersolar 2016 Keynotes: Solar is Mainstream

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Monday, July 18 2016 under: Solar Industry News, Solar Policy, SunRun

Opening ceremony keynotes speeches from Intersolar 2016 featuring Kevin de Leon of the California Senate, Bernadette del Chiarro of CALSEIA, Lynn Jurich CEO of Sunrun, Ali Zaidi from the OMB and others with a message that solar powered electrcity is mainstream, and more affordable than ever for more Americans. Lynn Jurich, Co-Founder and CEO of SunRun, a residential solar power installation and finance company said to not bet against America.

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Sunrun CEO on Solar Energy: Fundamentals have never been better

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, April 7 2016 under: Solar Energy, SunRun, US solar

Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich told Bloomberg News that the US solar energy market has never been stronger, despite low oil and fossil fuel prices. The cost of solar energy, and residential solar power systems have been declining, while consumers are demanding cleaner energy solutions for their homes. The combination of lower costs and higher consumer demand has been driving 100% year over year growth in solar adoption.

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Residential Solar Power: Sunrun uses Tesla Powerwall

Sunrun has decided to use the Tesla Powerwall for their new "Brightbox" residential solar energy storage product. Combining Sunrun installed solar panels with smart inverter technology and smart battery storage unit, the product will initially be rolled out in the Hawaii market, with additional US markets coming later in the year.
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Sunrun Solar posts 2015 Results

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, March 10 2016 under: Solar News, Residential Solar, SunRun, Home Solar Power

Sunrun Solar sent out a revised Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow for Q4 and Full year 2015 results. Solar Deployments grew by almost 200% and cost of product delivery declined by 17% according to the company's news release. Highlights include an 83% increase in Q4 deployments year over year, and 596 MW cumulative installed.



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Snags in Solar Permitting Add Costs, Delays

Whenever the discussion of solar cost, the focus is usually on the cost of equipment, like solar panels and inverters. But, according to a recently released report from California solar installation company SunRun, there's another factor that's adding up to 30 percent to the solar installation cost: permits. Solar installers across the country are becoming increasingly frustrated with different requirements, even between neighboring counties. So what's the deal with solar permitting?

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Solar Energy and The Good Morning America Effect

Posted by Annie Lindseth In Thursday, July 29 2010 under: Good Morning America, SunRun, Cost and Financing, solar lease, GMA

Being featured on Good Morning America this morning, solar power has been put in a very pleasant spotlight. If any industry deserves its five minutes in the sun, it's solar, an we're always happy to hear that topics related to solar, other renewables, and energy efficiency are reaching a broad audience.

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Solar Leasing Expands in Colorado

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, October 14 2009 under: Colorado Solar, SunRun, Cost and Financing, solar lease

Colorado homeowners interested in solar power are eligible for good incentives from their utility company and the feds, but even so, the cost of solar can be prohibitive for many people. To provide another option, San Francisco-based SunRun, one of the country's few solar lease providers, is launching services in Colorado territory.

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