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Home Solar Power: Americans Still Overwhelmingly Support Solar.

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, December 8 2016 under: solar power, Energy Policy, US solar

A new post-election poll shows Americans (still) overwhelmingly support solar, wind, and other clean energies, crossing red-blue political lines. It is obvious from the poll that Americans understand the importance to both the economy and to job creation of leading the world in the clean, renewable energy sector. 75 percent of Trump voters and 86 percent of all US voters "support taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy", with almost 60 percent "strongly supporting" the action. 

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US Attitudes On Solar Power: 89% of Americans Support Solar Power

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Wednesday, October 5 2016 under: solar power, US solar

Solar Power in America has gained wide acceptance over the last few years as prices have dropped and solar panel installation has greatly increased. Nine out of Ten Americans (89%) support solar power, regardless of political affiliation, according to a new report. Energy costs and environmental concerns rank highest on the list of reasons for such unprecedented support.

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MIllion Solar Strong: America hits big solar power goal.

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Tuesday, May 3 2016 under: solar power, US solar

America is celebrating this week a huge milestone in the clean energy sector with the One Millionth solar power installation. This achievement is a product of American ingenuity, hard work, and the power of consumer choice. The US solar industry is employing over 200,000 workers right now and is one of the fastest growing sectors of job creation. Celebrate #MillionSolarStrong

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From Satelliets to Rooftops: US Solar Power Installations Hit One Million

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Friday, April 22 2016 under: Solar Policy, solar power, US solar
The US solar power industry hit a significant milestone this week surpassing the one millionth solar power installation. This is an impressive achievement considering the numerous obstacles the industry has had to overcome, however solar technology is now officially mainstream; employing over 200,000 people in the US solar industry.
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Global Solar Energy Market Size: US Moves Up No 2, China No 1.

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Friday, April 15 2016 under: solar power, Solar Energy, US solar

The 2016 US solar energy market forecast is to move up into the number two position in the global league tables, nudging out Japan, and right behind China according to market research. China will continue its position as the world's largest installer of clean solar energy over the next five years as they address their very real mandates of reducing severe air pollution and upgrading electricity grid capacity to service their economy. The US is poised for big growth however in 2016 and in the ensuing five years.

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Sunrun CEO on Solar Energy: Fundamentals have never been better

Posted by GetSolar Staff In Thursday, April 7 2016 under: Solar Energy, SunRun, US solar

Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich told Bloomberg News that the US solar energy market has never been stronger, despite low oil and fossil fuel prices. The cost of solar energy, and residential solar power systems have been declining, while consumers are demanding cleaner energy solutions for their homes. The combination of lower costs and higher consumer demand has been driving 100% year over year growth in solar adoption.

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